Current Research

Baby-Boom, Baby-Bust and the Great Depression A. Bellou and E. Cardia, Universite de Montreal and CIREQ (This version: February 2016 (first version June 2014)), (Details)

Does the Crowding-In Effect of Public Spending on Private Consumption Undermine Neoclassical Models? S. Ambler, H. Bouakez and E. Cardia, (March 2017), (Details)

Market Work, Housework and Childcare: A Time Use Approach E. Cardia and P. Gomme, (March 2017), (Details)

Sectoral price rigidity and aggregate dynamics H. Bouakez, E. Cardia and F. Ruge-Murcia, (European Economic Review 65, 1-180, Lead article, 2014), (Details)

Occupations after WWII: The Legacy of Rosie the Riveter A. Bellou and E. Cardia, Explorations in Economic History (2016), 2016, vol. 62. (Details)

The Great Depression and the Lasting Effects of Mortgage Debt on Women’s Work Andriana Bellou, Emanuela Cardia, Université de Montréal (2015), (Details)

The Household Revolution: Childcare, Housework and Female Labor Force Participation E. Cardia and P. Gomme, (2014), (Details)

Household Technology and Female Labor Participation: Evidence from the U.S. E. Cardia, (2014), (Details)

cv E. Cardia, , (Details)